This section is made to give my REPS the love that they deserve! each month a little before the NEW RELEASES I will let you know when Pre-Orders are open-  then, what you have had your eye on (from the sneaks) you can come grab first! and in enough time to snag some pictures :) 

This is a PRE-ORDER so please give me enough time to make this and ship to you in time for RELEASE! 

You DO NOT have to order! This will be the first time offering this to my REPS; but I feel its only fair! 

KIMONO PRE-ORDERS: These will be a tad different! I will still offer a Pre-Order on them but only a certain amount in each size will be listed due to the shortage of fabric I find. The others I will have to save for the release- BUT that does not mean that you cant grab them then! 


This will begin for the MARCH2018 RELEASE! 

I will also close this the week of release and erase all inventory- at that time you will have to grab through the monthly RELEASE!